Activate Your NYCC-ID

So, you have your NYCC-ID Badge…now what? Activate it of course! The RFID chip in your NYCC-ID Badge uniquely identifies you and by activating your NYCC-ID Badge you’re unlocking a whole new level of awesomeness at NYCC. You’ll get access to enhanced social media features, allowing you to share your entire con experience with your friends and family even if they’re not at NYCC (but we hope they are), enhanced customer support (in case you lose your NYCC-ID Badge;  FYI – we strongly recommend that you don’t lose your NYCC-ID Badge! Treat it like your driver’s license and Passport! Snuggle it, hold it close and keep it happy!) and more.  

Only authentic NYCC-ID Badges are eligible for activation, so you’ll know your NYCC-ID Badge is the real deal. No RFID chip in an authentic NYCC-ID Badge = no admittance to NYCC 2013!

Protect Your NYCC-ID

Activating your NYCC-ID Badge isn’t required, but it is HIGHLY recommended. Activating your NYCC-ID Badge is the only way to ensure that if your NYCC-ID Badge is lost, damaged or stolen that you won’t miss a beat at the show! Trust us…you don’t want to be left outside. Make sure you activate your NYCC-ID Badge. It’s fun and all the cool kids are doing it.

In the event that your NYCC-ID Badge is lost or stolen, only Fans who activate their NYCC-ID Badges will be eligible for replacements during NYCC 2013. Plus, by activating your NYCC-ID Badge, you’re doing you’re part to help combat ticket fraud – what a pal!

Activate your NYCC-ID Now!

Tap In, Tap Out

There’s one last thing you should know about your NYCC-ID Badge. You’re going to have to tap your Badge with a member of the NYCC-ID Patrol (they’re those crew members you will see holding scanners at all the entrances and exits at the show). When you enter the building, you MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge. When you exit the building, you MUST tap it again. You MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge every time you enter or exit the building or the whole space time continuum will get screwed up and nobody wants that to happen!

Activation Terms

Here’s the legal stuff we have to tell you… Your NYCC-ID Badge will be directly associated with you based on the personal information you provide during the activation process. That data collected through RFID technology includes, for instance, how many Fans enter NYCC, the date and time of their visit, the number of times they enter and exit and which entrances or exits they use. This information may be used for internal purposes to help make NYCC a better experience for everyone. We may use the information you provide during the registration process to contact you in the future to tell you about other events we believe will be of interest to you. Any such email communications will include an option to “unsubscribe” from receiving future emails.

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