What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an information tracking system that is embedded into each and every NYCC-ID Badge. The RFID technology in the badass new NYCC-ID Badges help the NYCC Staff to keep everyone safe throughout the weekend, reduce the amount of pesky counterfeit badges floating around the con and help make your NYCC experience 100x better.

Why is NYCC using RFID?

There are many benefits that RFID provides NYCC, including keeping everyone safe by monitoring the foot traffic throughout the building, reducing the amount of evil counterfeiters, social media integration and more!

What’s up with those NYCC-ID Patrol people hanging around the Javits?

Our NYCC-ID Patrol is an important part of the NYCC-ID process. They’re hanging out at the entrances of the Javits so you can tap your badge when you enter and exit the building. Don’t worry, they’re only here to make getting into the building easier for you, not harder. Tapping your NYCC-ID Badge lets the NYCC staff keep track of the foot traffic during NYCC to make the event safer for everyone. When you enter the building, you MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge. When you exit the building, you MUST tap it again. You MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge every time you enter or exit the building. Plus, if you have a counterfeit Badge our NYCC-ID Patrol will sound the alarms, ring an annoying bell, lights will flash, everything will shut down and you’ll be asked to leave NYCC. You don’t want to be that guy or girl do you?

Where do I have to tap my NYCC-ID Badge?

You’re going to have to tap your NYCC-ID Badge with a member of the NYCC-ID Patrol throughout the Javits (they’re those crew members you will see holding scanners at all the entrances and exits at the show). When you enter the building, you MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge. When you exit the building, you MUST tap it again. You MUST tap your NYCC-ID Badge every time you enter or exit the building or the whole space time continuum will get screwed up and nobody wants that to happen!

I still don’t get it. So you’re tracking my every move?

In a way, yes. Each RFID chip in the NYCC-ID Badges contains a randomly generated number associated with each unique user profile. In the RFID world, you’re person 1 and the guy next to you is just person 456. We don’t know your name or any other information about you. RFID allows us to keep the Javits safe by monitoring the traffic throughout the building and making sure counterfeit Badges don’t get in!

I lost my NYCC-ID Badge! Now what?

Tickets will only be replaced if they are activated. You will be charged full price if a replacement Ticket is needed. Please contact our client services team at 888-605-6059 and be prepared to provide your first and last name, the email address used when activating your original Badge, as well as your Badge type.

I found a cheap NYCC Badge on eBay/Craigslist/Facebook – I’m thinking of buying it.

Stop right there partner! The real deal NYCC-ID Badges are only guaranteed to work and contain RFID technology if you purchase them through Any other person is likely scamming you. We like you way too much to see you get scammed.

I bought a Badge and now I can’t come. Can I return it?

We’re sorry to hear you can’t join us for the best four days of the year at the biggest pop culture event on the East Coast! When you buy your NYCC-ID Badge, you’re with us until death do us part (or at least until October 9, 2016). Each NYCC-ID Badge is non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

I have more questions…

If you need some one-on-one time with one of our awesome customer service ninjas please call our customer service line at 888.605.6059 and they’ll be happy to answer any NYCC-ID Badge questions you have.

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