Fan Verification FAQs

Fan Verification is now reopened for NYCC 2018. It's a two-step process for new fans to have access to the badges still available after our presale and general onsale earlier this year.

Once you create your Fan Verification account, you'll receive a confirmation email with your unique link to purchase badges. You'll immediately be able to click that link and buy the badges that are available OR if you wanted someone to buy badges for you, you'll now have an account and they can assign you to a badge they're buying.

Our team will be sweeping the list periodically and cancelling orders and blocking accounts of known scalpers or resellers.

Fill out your Fan Verification profile and buy badges now

Fan Verification FAQs

What is Fan Verification?

Fan Verification is an account you’ll create to help us identify that you’re a fan buying badges for yourself and your crew and not a villainous scalper trying to buy badges just to resell at outrageous prices. We’re working on eliminating the latter and this process helps with that.

Fan Verification is a mandatory process for EVERYONE interested in attending or buying badges to New York Comic Con. So if you're a cool parent surprising your kids with badges or you're buying badges only for yourself or you're buying badges for you and an SO, you ALL need a Fan Verification accounts.

Any known scalpers and resellers as well as anyone who shows signs of supervillain activity (creating false emails, creating multiple profiles, etc.) will not be verified and will be unable to purchase NYCC badges.

Is Fan Verification required?

Yes, it's required whether you plan to buy your badge yourself or someone is buying a badge for you. Everyone who would like to attend NYCC or buy badges for themselves or someone else needs a Fan Verification account.

When does Fan Verification reopen for new NYCC fans and how long is it open for?

Fan Verification has reopened for NYCC 2018 and will remain open until all badges are sold out.

What if I have a Fan Verification account? Do I need to create another one?

If you did not rollover your account from 2017, then yes, you need to create a new account for 2018.

Who needs to fill out a Fan Verification account for NYCC 2018 badges?

All fans (13 years of age at the time of NYCC and older) who hope to attend NYCC 2018 must create a Fan Verification account. You will not be able to purchase a badge or have one purchased for you if you have not created a Fan Verification account.

You can only create one Fan Verification account per email address and each fan can only have one account.

If you do not fill out a Fan Verification account, you will not be able to buy NYCC badges or have someone who has been Fan Verified buy badges for you.

Do my kids need a Fan Verification account?

The only fans who do not need to be Fan Verified are kids who will be ages 6-12 at the time of NYCC 2018 and will be using an adult badge or a Sunday Kids badge. Make sure in your own Fan Verification account that you check YES when asked if you're purchasing for a kid ages 6-12. Kids 5 and under will be admitted for free to NYCC and no badge is required.

What if my kid didn't need a Fan Verification profile last year, but will need one this year because they're 13? What do I do to make sure they can participate in the presale?

Please email our customer service team at and they will assist you!

I plan to apply for a press badge, do I need to complete a Fan Verification account?

We recommend it. Our press application is live now, but if you are not approved and would still like to attend NYCC then you'll need a Fan Verification account to buy badges.

Does Fan Verification guarantee that I'll be able to buy NYCC 2018 badges?

No, it does not guarantee NYCC badges or that you will get the NYCC badge type that you want, but it does give you the opportunity to purchase NYCC badges.

Should I create more than one Fan Verification account?

Nah. You can only fill out one Fan Verification account per email address and each fan can only have one account. Anyone who is identified as having multiple Fan Verification accounts will have their Fan Verification voided and will be blacklisted from attending ReedPOP events. Sounds harsh but the fight against scalpers is real.

What if I want to buy a badge for my friend and they haven’t filled out a Fan Verification account?

Ask them what the heck they're waiting for and send them the link to create an account! They'll need one so that you can assign them to their badge during checkout.

I anticipate needing medical assistance onsite. Does my companion need a NYCC badge and a Fan Verification account? Do you have a medical assistance program?

Yes to both questions! Please make sure anyone assisting you onsite creates a Fan Verification account. They must have a NYCC badge in order to attend the event with you and they can only get one through Fan Verification You can find more information about our medical assistance program and apply for a medical sticker at our medical assistance page. If your companion is going to be provided by a company, please email us at so we can help you out!

Assigning NYCC Badges

Can I assign someone who's creating a new Fan Verification account to the badges I purchased previously?

Yes! You can now assign anyone who's created a Fan Verification account to the badges you've bought.

There was a brief time between the presale and general onsale that we didn't allow this. The presale is a special opportunity for our loyal fans to buy and be assigned to NYCC badges before they go onsale to the general public. In order to keep it fair, we didn't allow anyone who created a new account for this year to be assigned to those badges.

How do I individually assign my friends and family to each badge I buy?

You must include the email address used in Fan Verification to assign each individual badge. Each person must be Fan Verified and there is a limit of one badge type per person per day. If your friend or family member did not fill out a Fan Verification account, you will not be able to purchase their badge. Check out our Assigning Badges Walkthrough for a step by step process on how to do this.

When do I assign my badges?

You will assign your badges during checkout. Have your friends’ and family’s names and email addresses that they used when Fan Verifying handy! You’ll have a few more minutes added to check out, but having them on hand will help you check out quickly.

Since kids 6-12 don’t need to fill out a Fan Verification account, how do I assign a kid to their badges?

As you are filling out your Fan Verification account, you will be asked if you would like the opportunity to buy badges for kids 6-12. Check YES during that process. Then when you buy badges, it will be noted in your account that you may be purchasing one or more of those badges for a kid ages 6-12.

During checkout, you will assign the badge for your kid to your Fan Verified email address. You will be able to keep that badge as long as you answered YES to the kid question in your Fan Verification account. If you didn't answer YES to that question, and have more than one of any day in your My Tickets account on ShowClix, those badges will be removed from your order and refunded.

If a NYCC badge assigned to a kid is used for anyone over the age of 12 at the time of NYCC, the wearer will be removed from NYCC without a refund and the wearer and buyer will be unable to purchase badges to any future ReedPOP events. Be prepared to show proof of age onsite.

Kids ages 5 years old and younger do not need a badge and get into NYCC for free.

How long do I have to assign my friends and family to the badges I buy for them?

You must assign your badges during checkout so have their Fan Verification details handy (name and email address).

Other Useful Info

Why haven’t I received any emails from NYCC?

If you are not receiving emails from NYCC, it’s likely because you’re on our opt-out list for NYCC or one of our other ReedPOP Shows. To add yourself back onto our email list, please email

I have questions that weren’t answered here. Who do I contact?

For any other questions, please email

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