marketing and Sponsorship Planner

Volunteer/Staff Shirt
Sponsor: $6,700* (Exclusive)

Meter Boards

Aisle Signs: $1,750* each

Indoor Banners

Registration Area
Sponsor: $34,000* (Exclusive)

Information Counter
Sponsor: $6,000* (Exclusive)

Door Decals: $7,750* (Exclusive)

Floor Graphics: $5,500*

Lead attendees to your booth with a series of graphics on the floor, or make a statement in the show lobby with large graphics on the floor.

  • Show Floor $5,500*
  • Crystal Palace $5,500*
  • North Concourse $5,500*

*Production and labor charges are not included.

Stair Graphics: $15,500*

Attract all eyes on your brand when you cover the main staircase in the Javits Center with your graphics!

*Production and labor charges are not included.

Badge Sponsor: $12,500*

Badge Mailing Insert: $5,000

You can place your marketing piece in the envelope that contains their precious ticket to the con!

Lanyards: $10,000*

Official Show Bags: $7,500*

Character Handout: $3,000 per day

Javits TV and Marquee
Advertising Spot: $7,000

Registration Handouts: $2,800* per day

Shuttle Bus Advertising: $10,000 (Exclusive)

Booth Drop: $1,650 per item

Looking to target Exhibitors? Let us hand deliver your item (marketing piece, gift, etc) to every booth on the show floor.