On-Site Manual Validation Process

Fans can provide proof of vaccination using one of the following approved methods on-site at NYCC: 

  • A Government Issued Vaccination Record (paper or photo) 
  • Excelsior Pass, the Key to NYC App, or Docket 

At our Vaccination Check locations, you will present a government-issued photo ID and an approved vaccination record demonstrating proof of Full Vaccination with an authorized or approved vaccine.  

Upon verification of your vaccination status, you will receive a wristband which must be worn for the duration of the event.  

You will only need to complete the vaccination check process once, provided you keep your wristband on for the duration of the event. 

NYCC attendees younger than 12 must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated Guardian and provide proof of one of the following, in addition to properly wearing a face covering at all times while inside the building except while seated when eating or drinking:

  • negative rapid antigen COVID-19 test taken within 6 hours of entry to each day of the event, or
  • negative lab PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of entry of each day of the event.

Please note that all restrictions and requirements are subject to change. Please refer to our website often for current guidelines.

NYCC Early Vaccine Check Locations and Hours

Important! Please take advantage of the early vaccination verification option so that when you arrive for the show, you can walk right in with no additional delays!

NYCC Vaccination Check will be open in the Crystal Palace on Tuesday, October 5 and Wednesday, October 6 only

Crystal Palace, Javits Center: 35th & 11th Ave:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 5: 5PM – 8PM 
  • Wednesday, Oct. 6: 8AM – 7PM 

Vaccine Check Location 2: 35th St & Hudson Blvd W

  • Wednesday, Oct. 6: 10AM – 7PM 

NYCC Vaccine Check Locations and Hours

It bears repeating – take advantage of our early bird Tuesday and Wednesday pick-up locations and times! 
Early vaccination checks are available at the following locations and times: You must do this PRIOR to picking up your badges Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Vaccine Check Location 1: Crystal Palace – Javits Center, 35th St & 11th Ave

  • Tuesday, Oct. 5: 5PM – 8PM         
  • Wednesday, Oct. 6: 8AM – 7PM 

NOTE: Vaccination checking is NOT available at this location from Thursday – Sunday of the show. Please use Vaccine Check Location 2 on 35th St & Hudson Blvd W to verify your vaccination status and receive a wristband.

Vaccine Check Location 2: 35th St & Hudson Blvd W

  • Wednesday, Oct. 6: 10AM – 7PM 
  • Thursday, Oct 7: 7AM – 8PM 
  • Friday, Oct 8: 7AM – 8PM 
  • Saturday, Oct 9: 7AM – 8PM 
  • Sunday, Oct 10: 7AM – 5PM