NYCC Reservations Walkthrough

So, you're a visual learner? Us, too. The system is very straightforward. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough so you know what to expect during the reservation process.


Enter your email address that's tied to your NYCC badge(s). Check your email for your authentication code and enter it on the website where prompted. This lets us know that you have a valid badge to NYCC and what days you're attending.


You've arrived at the main selection screen. You can toggle between days you have badges for at the top of the page using the arrows (see pink circle). The categories will also automatically collapse, but you can expand them to view the available selections for that day (see other pink circle). To select the panel or exclusive you want to add to your schedule, tap or click on Select Time (see green rectangle).


This will then take you to a page that shows the available times for that particular event. Typically, a panel will only have one time available, but exclusives will have multiple times available. Select the time you want (or the one available) and then hit the blue Yes, Confirm & Schedule button.


As you select items, you'll be brought back to the main selection page and begin to see your selections as part of your schedule. Once the items are in your schedule, they are reserved for you. The only way to lose a reservation is if you delete it from your schedule using the little trashcan next to each reservation (see pink circle). The nice thing is if you decide you no longer want to attend something, you can delete the reservation which opens it up for someone else. 

Once you're good with your reservations and decide you don't want to add anymore, you can hit the Finish Reservations button at the top.

Mission complete! You'll receive a confirmation page and an email and you're all set to attend everything on your schedule. Just make sure to activate your badge prior to entering NYCC at

Still have questions? Email for assistance.