Community Lounge

Located in the River Pavilion

We’re proud to bring back the NYCC Community Lounge for this year’s show! An open and inviting space for fans and local community groups to gather and interact at the show, the Community Lounge is the perfect place to hang out during the day at NYCC. Featuring booths from local community groups, panels and fandom-related meetups —this new space seeks to foster the community that NYCC was built on. Stop by and check out some cool programming, or just take a load off with like-minded fans!

Groups in the Community Lounge

Starship Therapise

The Starship Therapise crew travel through the multiverse helping fans to harness the power of fandom for their mental health. The ship’s captain, Justine Mastin–psychotherapist, author, and so much more–will be at the helm Friday-Sunday: signing books, discussing her work, and offering self-care tips. Welcome aboard!


Creative one group is an Independent Bronx base art collective that specialize in comic books, graphic novels, art books, murals and art prints. Our goal is to create and introduce a diverse range of visual concepts as a springboard for our brand of comic books heroes and graphic novels concepts. Our motto is to weave the world of fiction and history into our amazing artistic stories.

Women in Comics Collective

Women in Comics Collective International, (WinC for short, pronounced  "wink"), is an artistic and informative initiative that began in May 2012.

WinC serves to highlight the merit and craftwork of marginalized voices, especially that of women and Queer folx of color, who work in various industries, such as comics, publishing, gaming, media, education, and multimedia. We host educational and professional events across the country.


Blerdcon is an event that highlights and celebrates Blerd culture and creates a marketplace of ideas where sharing that culture can take place with proper context, attribution and positivity in an inclusive environment. Blerdcon celebrates our connection with LGBTQ, the disabled, POCs and the international community! All are welcome to partake in the experience as we are an open community who love all the same nerddom.

Guardians Mental Health

Guardians Mental Health was born from a shared love of Destiny the Game, where our founding members first met. Each was inspired by the passion of the budding Destiny Community and the positive impact they were already having on their fellow players. Starting off as the Saint-14 Project (named after the iconic hero of the Last City in Destiny), our initial efforts raised funs for other organizations that promoted mental health awareness for gamers. We started as a few individuals who wanted to make a difference. As we have grown to a volunteer staff of 16, Guardians MH has evolved to incorporate various support programs and has had the opportunity to partner with several incredible organizations. Every step of the way, we have been astounded by the gaming community's generosity- with their time, enthusiasm, and their donations.


Geeknasium is a virtual geek-inspired workout program designed specifically for nerds, gamers, cosplayers, & everyone! Have you ever escaped into a book you just couldn’t put down? Started a video game and stayed up all night trying to get to the end? Found solace in a TV series or movie that you watch over and over again? What if I told you that you can escape into a fitness routine in the same exact way? Geeknasium can help you build a healthy lifestyle that’s completely based in the “nerdy” things you love so dearly.

Gaaays in Spaaace

GAAAYS IN SPAAACE (GIS) is a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to promoting the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion in both science fiction storytelling and real-life sciences as well!

We strive to relieve ignorance, promote a better understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals and empower LGBTQ+ youth by exposing them to visions of the future like the ones found in shows like STAR TREK, THE ORVILLE & THE EXPANSE, where universal equality has FINALLY become a reality; and most importantly, where they can see themselves reflected in the characters.