Community Lounge

The Community Lounge at NYCC - Room 409

Community is an integral part of fandom and fandom is what we do best. Our mission is to help bring community organizations to the show so fans can learn of new ways they can be supported in their community. By providing this space for local non-profits and other community organizations, we are able to offer programming and booth space that may not be easily offered in other areas of the show.

The Community Lounge at NYCC is a space for community groups to run meetups/panels, network with fellow community groups, and promote their organizations for further events and membership.

Community Groups Coming to NYCC 2021


Geeknasium is a virtual workout program and wellness community for nerds, geeks, misfits, and freaks! Geeknasium was created as a safe space for those who feel like they never “fit in” in the fitness world and was designed specifically to help you get the best workout in without feeling judged or ostracized in a gym setting. It’s a fun, inclusive, and uplifting community that will not only help you feel supported, but also help you feel like a total badass. Unlock your superhero potential and visit the Geeknasium booth today! 

Comics In My Life

Comics In My Life is dedicated to connecting fans both on & beyond the convention floor through storytelling, research, photography & more. Current projects include Families in Fandom (Presentations/Research) and Con-Sense Jam Sessions (Community Building). For NYCC, be sure to visit the Fan Community Space in Room ____ to participate in FREE family friendly activities and panel presentations.


Blerdcon is a community event that highlights and celebrates Blerd culture and creates a marketplace of ideas where sharing that culture can take place with proper context, attribution and positivity in an inclusive environment.

Blerdcon celebrates our connection with LGBTQ, the disabled, POCs and the international community! All are welcome to partake in the experience as we are an open community who love all things nerd.

Guardians Mental Health

Guardians MH is a 501c3 non-profit focused on spreading Mental Health Awareness throughout the gaming community. We act as a first step for individuals by gathering meaningful resources and providing a safe and inclusive atmosphere. We do this through our programs, including our Mental Health Kit Program, RTS Bot, and our ever-growing Peer Support Network online.

Women in Comics Collective

Women in Comics Collective International, "WinC" for short, (pronounced "Wink") is an organization focused on highlighting marginalized voices working in the comic book industry; especially that of Women and Queer folx of color. They host events around the country, such as workshops, art shows, panel discussions and their own conference, WinC Creative.

CartographR & D&D Research

CartographR - CartographR is an upcoming Augmented Reality app that brings tabletop roleplay game environments to life—a pocket universe for people to create and share their visions in 3D in real-time. 

DnD Research - DnD Research is composed of a group of nerds trying to make sense of tabletop roleplay games in a scientific way. Through both quantitative and qualitative research, we bring interesting insights to the industry and help design solutions to inspire the next generation of gamers.

Comics In My Life

Greetings fellow humans, visiting aliens and incognito robots! If you have found your way here, then you are a curious adventurer, eager to share and experience the stories that we are all passionate about. Comics In My Life is on a mission to connect fans on and beyond the convention floor. Join in on one of our convention activities, read our blog or participate in one of our virtual graphic novel book clubs today!

Visit our full panel schedule for information on panels and meetups happening in this room!