Ultimate Fan Guide to New York Comic Con

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Welcome to the NYCC family! Whether you’re a first time fan or a seasoned NYCC veteran, there’s always something to enjoy– and we’re determined to make 2017 the best NYCC you’ve ever attended. To help you make the most out of the unforgettable experience, we’ve gathered the most important info you need to know. Check out our list of tips and tricks.

1. Use the App and Plan Ahead1. Use our app and plan ahead with My Show

Trust us – you’ll be lost without it! Take on the Show like a pro when you download the Official NYCC App Presented by DIRECTV.  The App grants you access to Panel times, Autographing schedules, the Exhibitor list and so much more in the palm of your hand.

Trust us – you’ll be lost without it! Take on the show like a pro when you download the official NYCC app presented by DIRECTV NOW.  The app lets you create a schedule to share with your squad, grants you access to panel times, autographing schedules, the artist alley and exhibitor list and so much more in the palm of your hand.

Keep that app updated: Remember to open the app before you get to the Javits and get the latest updates. If the app does not update for you, please delete and reinstall – that should fix it!

If the app and the website happen to have conflicting information, please refer to the website as the most up-to-date guide. We will work to update the app but feel free to let us know of issues.

Get the updated app now!

My Show lets you plan ahead: With so much to see at NYCC, you’ll want to make sure you’re in all the right places. When you set up your My Show account, you’ll be able to add items to your schedule and modify it in the app or on your desktop. You can favorite all the exhibitors, panels, and autographing sessions you want to see and add them to your schedule so you don’t miss a thing. Log into My Show.

Did you know? When you find a panel or autographing session you want to add to your schedule, you can set up a reminder of how far in advance you want to be alerted that it’s happening. This will help to keep you on track and on time for all of the great content you want to see.

Plan Your NYCC with My Show

2. Take Advantage of @NYCCLines

Follow @NYCCLines on Twitter for updates on lines, capacity, and availability. We’ll keep you updated and tweet when a panel or attraction still has room left or if it becomes full.

Follow @NYCCLines now on Twitter

3. Hotels, directions, and all the nitty-gritty details

You can’t do the con thing without doing the sleep thing! Make sure you book a hotel in our special block, through our official hotel travel experts OnPeak. You also don’t want to get lost, because that would be bad. As diligently as Frodo charted a course to Mount Doom, so too you must trek to NYCC by checking out our Directions & Travel Info. Please note – there are no shuttles available this year.

Official Hotels Directions & Travel Info

4. Enter through the correct door so you can get to the fun quicker!

Do you already have your badge in hand? Look for the green entrance! There will be two this year and NYCC Staff will direct you to the one closest to where you're arriving from (example: if you're arriving from the subway you'll enter through one entrance and if you're arriving from the east side of Manhattan, you'll enter through another entrance). Our staff outside will direct you to the one that will be fastest for you so make sure to follow their instructions. Have you purchased a ticket online and need to pick it up? You're going to enter through the Blue Entrance in the Crystal Palace located on 11th Avenue and 35th Street. We strongly recommend picking up your badge on Wednesday, Oct 4 so you have it when you arrive for the show and can avoid any Will Call lines. 

If you did not receive your badges by mail, don’t worry. Bring your confirmation ID on your phone, or printed out, along with a form of ID to Will Call in the Crystal Palace and we can definitely help you get your tickets. If you want to pick up the badges on behalf of someone else, or if you want someone else to pick up your badges for you, make sure whoever is picking up the badges has the confirmation ID available, forwarded from the fan verified email address of the person who purchased the tickets, as well as a form of ID.

The hours to pick up your tickets are as follows:

Tuesday, Oct 3 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday, Oct 4 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday, Oct 5 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday, Oct 6 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday, Oct 7 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday, Oct 8 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Click here to read important info about entering NYCC

5. Panels, Panels Everywhere!5. Content outside of the Javits

Our panel schedule is so huge this year that we’ve expanded to three offsite venues. Find all this incredible content not only in the Javits Center, but also in the Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center, the Theater at Madison Square Garden and Hudson Mercantile. Your NYCC badge gets you into the panels at these offsite venues (as long as a separate ticket isn't required), so don’t miss out on all the great content happening there! As a reminder, there is no need to enter the Javits before heading to an offsite venue. Head straight there! Additionally, we are not clearing any offsite venues. We are only clearing the Main Stage presented by AT&T.

For information on what type of photography equipment is allowed at MSG, please read their FAQs here

Panels are a TON of fun. Fans with common interests gather together to listen to featured guests talk about their career experience and even answer your questions. Some panels teach you skills — like how to write, draw, or survive the zombie apocalypse. Others feature the cast and crew of a hit TV show or movie where they show you a behind-the-scenes look at how they created it. Panels are even a great way to kick back and relax after walking the Show Floor all day without missing out on the fun.

Parents, be sure to check out Family HQ, we’ve made sure there’s hours of fun stuff for your kiddos to do at NYCC too!

View the Panel Schedule The Hammerstein Ballroom The Theater at Madison Square Garden   Hudson Mercantile Family HQ

6. Show Me the Show Floor6. Show Me the Show Floor

As you walk NYCC's Show Floor, you’ll see plenty of our incredible exhibitors. At their booths, you’ll have the opportunity to add more comics to your collection, pick up a shirt featuring your favorite fandom or snag exclusives. Whether it’s our Exhibitor Exclusives that you can only get at NYCC, the ReedPOP Supply Co. Exclusives that are created especially by us for our fans, or our amazing Show Specials that showcase what our exhibitors are doing that sets them apart from the rest, you’ll find too much to buy and we’ll have you screaming “Shut up and take my money!

The Block at NYCC, located on the Show Floor in front of aisles 575 through 975, brings together art, design, collectible toys, and fashion of the underground pop culture scene along with the tastemakers, trend setters, artists and the brands that they create.

Make sure to bring plenty of cash because our Show Floor has it all. Pro Tip: Grab cash at an ATM before heading to the Javits Center as ATM lines tend to be long.

7. Say “Hello” to our Celebrity Guests7. Say “Hello” to our Celebrity Guests

Whether you’re a Whovian, a Jedi Knight, a Oncer or a Trekkie, we’ve got an amazing guest for you.  See who’s coming to our Photo Op and Autographing Area in the NYCC app or printed Program Guide. Don’t be shy – get an autograph or photo op today. As a note – Epic Photo Ops allows 4 adults in 1 paid Photo Op. Kids 5 and under get to be in Photo Ops free, but please bring proof of ID to be safe.

Comic Guests Entertainment Guests Literary Guests Anime and Manga Guests

Buy Photo Ops Photo Ops FAQs Buy Autographs View Autographing Schedule

8. Commission a unique piece of art in Artist Alley

There’s plenty of stuff to take home and cherish after NYCC is over, but nothing is more unique than an original illustration from one of our artists in Artist Alley presented by comiXology. Love DC Comics and Doctor Who? Have an artist draw Harley Quinn hanging out in the TARDIS. Or better yet, request they draw YOU in the TARDIS saving all of humanity from whatever perilous forces seek to destroy it. The possibilities are endless.

Check out our the Artist Alley list

9. Activate Your Badge and Tap it Around the Show

Activate your badge: Before you get to the show you will want to activate your NYCC badge so that it uniquely identifies you. Badge Activation is required. Badge Activation is there to protect you so that if you lose your badge, or it gets stolen by a villain, we can replace it for you. (Although, we do charge for replacement badges so we recommend that you hold onto yours as tightly as possible.)

Tap your badge to save your place for Main Stage panels: This year, half of the seats in the Main Stage presented by AT&T were available through a pre-show lottery so that fans were able to know before they got onsite if they could get into panels they wanted to see. For the other half of the seats, you'll be required to tap your badge in the morning in the Queue Hall in 1C to reserve your spot. That panel will be coded into your badge and when you arrive back in the Queue Hall prior to that panel, you will tap your badge again for entry. Our super smart system will know that your spot is reserved.

Have your best NYCC ever with NYCC XP: NYCC XP presented by DIRECTV NOW is a brand new addition to 2017 to help create a better experience for you, the fans! Activating NYCC XP will help you collect cool content from our exhibitors and partners, share your favorite NYCC experiences on social media and win awesome prizes. It’s the key to making this your best and most memorable New York Comic Con yet.

Having issues activating your badge? No worries! Head to the NYCC XP desk at Registration in the Crystal Palace and we will assist you. Be sure to bring your confirmation ID, fan verified email and a form of ID just to be safe.

Level up with NYCC XP presented by DIRECTV NOW

10. Pre-Show Lotteries

The NYCC pre-show lotteries gave fans the chance to win seats for Main Stage presented by AT&T panels, tickets to limited autographing sessions with TV and movie casts, and the chance to purchase exciting exhibitor includes from Funko, LEGO, and Fisher Price.

The lottery closed on Monday, September 25 at 5:00 PM ET and winners were contacted by email. If you did not receive an email about winning the lottery (and be sure to check your spam/clutter!) then unfortunately, you did not win. If you did receive an email – congratulations. If you were accidentally awarded multiple lottery slots for Funko or LEGO, we have fixed this error and corrected it so you have only won one lottery slot. You were given the earliest time and day slot you won. If you have additional questions or concerns about the lottery, please head to the NYCC XP desk at Registration in the Crystal Palace.

11. Main Stage Clearing at the Javits Center

New York Comic Con will once again clear the Main Stage presented by AT&T after each panel. We have the full process on our website – which we strongly recommend reading before you arrive at the show.

As we mentioned in #9, this year you will be required to tap your badge in the morning at the end of the line dedicated to the Main Stage presented by AT&T panel you want to see. That panel will be coded into your badge and when you arrive back in the Queue Hall prior to that panel, you will tap your badge again for entry into the Main Stage presented by AT&T. Our super smart system will know that your spot is reserved.

We are only clearing the Main Stage presented by AT&T. We are not clearing any offsite venues or other Panel rooms.

Main Stage Seating Process

12. What to Bring

As con veterans, we recommend bringing a few things:

  • BAG OF HOLDING – you’ll want your very own swag bag or backpack, to cart around all of your awesome NYCC exclusives you pick up throughout the show.
  • REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE AND SNACKS – so you don’t have to wait in line to buy water or a snack and you’ll never come close to dehydration or starvation! No one wants that. Fill up, drink up, and don’t go hungry! (Food and water rules may be different at offsite venues outside of the Javits.)
  • SURVIVAL KIT – the necessities you don’t think about until you need them: tissues, hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, aspirin, deodorant, chapstick, zombie repellent... you know, the basics.
  • CASH – the ATMs often have long lines and charge a fee, so save yourself the time and money and just bring cash! Autographs and photo ops at the show are cash only, and there may be other unexpected cash only exhibitors – so better be prepared and show up with cash in hand.
  • CAMERA – you’ll want to snap a pic of all the awesome cosplays you see or use it for the inevitable selfies you’ll have to take. Make sure to use #NYCC when you share to social! Remember no flash photography during panels and no photos whatsoever in the Autographing Area. Please ask permission before you take someone’s photo and keep in mind our policy.
  • COMIC BOOK BAGS AND BOARDS – protect your precious comic book purchases!
  • POWER – A long day at NYCC can quickly drain those devices in your pocket. Bring your chargers with you!
  • IPHONE, IPAD, DROID, GAMEBOY, TAMAGOTCHI – whatever web-enabled device you need to download the NYCC app (available soon!) presented by DIRECTV NOW and entertain yourself while in line at NYCC.

12. Came for the Con, stayed for the After Parties13. Came for the con, stayed for NYCC Presents

NYCC Presents are the official after hours events of NYCC. We will keep the party going in New York City by bringing passionate fans to various venues all NYC.
IMPORTANT: NYCC Presents events require separate tickets – your NYCC badge does NOT include access to these events.

Check out all of the NYCC Presents events

14. Get Social and Meetup with Other Fans

Make sure to follow us on social media. We’re on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Shout, shout – let it all out and share your experience using #NYCC. Embrace your fandom! Take part in a fun Fan Meetup!

Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Check out Fan Meetups

15. Your comfort and safety are our number one focus.

Convenient rooms for all your needs: Whether you need to make a Clark Kent style costume change in a Cosplay Changing Room, get a little peace and quiet from the mad rush of the con in a Quiet Room, or have a private space to feed your wee little one, we’ve got you covered.

  • Cosplay Changing Room: 1B05
  • Quiet Room: 1C05 (this is for resting, not socializing and strict volume levels will be enforced)
  • Lactation Room: located in our TransCare medical facility on level 1 in the southwest corner of the building (behind the Queue Hall 1C).

Anti-Harassment Policy: We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. To find out more details, read our entire Anti-Harassment Policy. Entrance into NYCC is an automatic agreeance to this policy – so be nice, be cool, and respect each other.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Do you need special accommodations for medical reasons? If you have a disability that requires special attention or accommodations from our staff, our Medical Assistance Program can assist you. You will receive an appropriate number of medical stickers based on the number of badges you have.

Medical Assistance Program

Is my cosplay weapon going to get into the show? A lot of our fans have questions about their props weapons, and costumes. We’ve got all the information you need to know whether or not you will have any issue with your props or items in our Fan FAQs. Ultimately, we are not able to give you a firm “yes” or “no” as to whether or not your weapon or prop will be allowed, as this is up to our security team onsite. Please be prepared for either outcome. If your weapon is confiscated, you can retrieve it at the Exit Tent.

Weapons Policy and Fan FAQs

All Gender Bathrooms: All Gender bathrooms will be located on the first level the north 1D corridor. If you're facing the exit to the Main Stage 1D that's across from the food court, the bathrooms will be in the hallway to your right. Anyone can use those restrooms, regardless of gender identity or expression. 

If you plan to bring a stroller, that’s fine as long as it is not an oversized stroller. An oversized stroller is one that is a double wide or stackable one intended for 2 children.

16. Food Trucks

Running around the Javits can build up quite an appetite, so we’ve joined forces with the New York Food Truck Association to make sure you have plenty of yummy food options! There’s everything from Korean BBQ to pizza and there are even gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Please remember to inform food truck employees if you or someone else in your squad has a food allergy before ordering.

View the list of delicious Food Truck options

14. Have an awesome time!17. Have an awesome time!

First and foremost, NYCC is about you – the fans. We want you to have a great time at the best weekend of the year. There’s plenty to see and do, so choose what you love and enjoy the Show.

If you have additional questions or concerns that are not answered in this document, please email inquiry@nycomiccon.com. Please expect a delay in responses due to a high volume of emails.

Sponsors & Friends of the Show

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