Lyte Badge Exchange

What Is Lyte?

New York Comic Con has teamed up with Lyte to create a legitimate, safe, and official badge exchange. Can no longer attend the show? You can now return your sold-out badge types to Lyte. A badge you want is already sold out? You can make a reservation through Lyte to buy a NYCC badge after the type you want has sold out. In buying from Lyte instead of the secondary market, NYCC fans can help undercut scalpers, receive fairer prices, and be assured that you’re buying a genuine NYCC badge.

Why Is NYCC Using Lyte?

Our policy has always been that your badge is non-refundable and non-resellable. So where does that leave you when an emergency comes up and you can’t attend? Or when your friend bails on you and you have an extra ticket? On top of that, with the frequency of scalping and counterfeiting badges that our team saw in previous years at NYCC, we took measures that made it harder to game the system – things like creating Fan Verification and limiting the number of badges per household. But we wanted to improve the fan experience further so we asked ourselves: how do we give those who can't make it to the show an opportunity to get their money back while also ensuring everyone who wants to attend NYCC can have the opportunity to buy a real, honest-to-Odin badge?

We found an answer with Lyte, a company that buys back your badges and makes them available to folks who couldn't get them the first time around. Lyte works with our ticketing system partner ShowClix to ensure the badges are genuine, and they actively monitor and adjust prices to undercut the going rate on the resale market. With Lyte, we finally feel we have found a system that provides a safe and easy way for fans to exchange the badges they no longer want or need, verifies they're the real deal, and helps them get to other deserving fans.

This is a system that helps get more people to NYCC and makes it harder for scalpers, scammers and racketeers to profit off of our fans. We see this as an absolute win.

How Does It Work?

If you can’t come to NYCC for whatever reason (we’ll miss you) you can resell your sold out NYCC badge to Lyte and give another fan a chance to come to the show.

If you’re looking for a sold-out badge type, instead of going to a third-party website, you can put your name on the reservation list. Once a badge becomes available, you’ll be able to buy it!

There are more fine details you can read on the Lyte website, but we’re hoping this partnership will be a step in the right direction to diminish scalpers & get more fans into the show. As always, feel free to ask us questions on social media – we’re here for you.

Dynamic Pricing

Lyte utilizes a dynamic pricing system that is constantly taking into account factors such as supply, demand, and prices on the secondary market in order to provide fans the best value option available at the time of their return or request. By undercutting secondary prices, we force scalpers to reduce their prices, which brings prices on the Exchange down (and so on) until we're closer to the original face value. As demand for the event changes, so will the return/request price, so you can continue to check back on the Official NYCC Badge Exchange to see the offer price.

Lyte will return for NYCC 2020. Check back in summer 2020!

Sponsors & Friends of the Show

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