Freeman Ordering

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Display Rules & Regulations

This section provides rules, guidelines, and specify what an exhibitor can and cannot do with their booth space. These rules and guidelines are based on the physical characteristics of the exhibit hall, the intent to be equally fair to all exhibitors, and the safety of all concerned. Please review these rules and plan your display accordingly as variances will not be granted prior to the Show or on-site.

Material Handling


All freight that is to be shipped from the Jacob K Javits Convention Center must be accompanied by a Material Handling Agreement unless you have small pieces which you intend to hand carry. All pieces must also be labeled with the booth name and number, as well as the destination. Material Handling Agreements may be obtained from FREEMAN at the Exhibitor Service Center. You must have your exhibit completely dismantled and packed before returning your completed Material Handling Agreement to the FREEMAN Service Desk.


FREEMAN is the exclusive material handling provider on the exhibit floor. They will receive all shipments, whether consigned in advance to their warehouse, or sent directly to the Jacob K Javits Convention Center. Material handling includes storage during show days and return of your empty cartons and crates at the close of the Show.

Please refer to Freeman Material Handling for additional information.

Rigging & Labor

Visit Freeman Online for their services and labor rate schedule.

Vehicle Displays

If you are planning on displaying a vehicle in your booth space, you must notify show management 30 days prior to the first day of move-in. In addition the below fire regulations must be adhered to:

  • All Vehicles must have both battery cables disconnected and taped, alarms disconnected, and fuel filler caps locked or sealed to prevent escape of vapors to avoid tampering.
  • Fuel tanks cannot be more than ¼ tank full or contain 5 gallons, whichever is less.
  • Vehicles must be set back 10 inches from aisle.
  • Vehicles may not be started or battery cables connected during show hours.

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