Marvel Portfolio Information

Please read carefully:

Aspiring artist looking for your big break? We’re delighted to announce that Marvel Comics will be on hand at NYCC this year to perform limited portfolio reviews over the weekend. Portfolio reviews will take place on Friday and Saturday of the show (with drop-offs happening the day before, respectively).

  • Portfolios can be submitted at the MARVEL BOOTH #2153 on Thursday, October 12 from Before 5pm and Friday, October 13 from Before 5:00 PM. Review sessions for these submissions will take place the following day(s)  Thursday for a Friday review and Friday for a Saturday review.
  • Return to the Marvel booth on Friday and Saturday to ask a staff member if your portfolio was chosen for review. If chosen, staff can tell you your review time and location.           
  • When you drop off your portfolio, you’ll need to fill out a Submission Form that will be handed to you. Portfolios MUST contain your Submission Form.
  • Do not leave original work with us. Whatever your portfolio contains, make sure you keep the original work. We cannot be responsible for any lost or misplaced work.
  • Do not leave original work with us. We cannot be responsible for any lost or misplaced work.
  • Please respect the Editors' time and opinion.
  • Review sessions are limited to artists only.
  • Not all submissions will be chosen for review.
  • Please note: Submissions/portfolios will NOT be returned.