Fan Verification

New York Comic Con returns on October 17-20, 2024! 

Before we get to see you this year, there’s a big, crucial step you need to take to prepare yourself, and that’s either rolling over your Fan Verification profile or creating one! Whether someone is purchasing tickets for you, or you want the chance at scoring yourself some tickets to the geekiest event of the year, this is what you need to do.

Fan Verification is not yet open for NYCC 2024.

What is Fan Verification? 

Fan Verification profiles help real fans get tickets to New York Comic Con. If you create your Fan Ver profile prior to the deadline, you’ll get access to our NYCC 2024 General Onsale and future Fan Ver presales. 

Fan Verification Rollover

Before the NYCC Fan Verification Presale this year, there’s a crucial step you need to take to prepare yourself!

We need you to confirm or update your personal details from your Fan Verification profile.

If you created your Fan Verification profile, purchased tickets, or were transferred tickets in 2023...

You can update your information before May 3. If you do not update, your information will still automatically roll over!

IMPORTANT: If you did not create a new profile, did not buy tickets, or were not transferred tickets in 2023, you must manually rollover your account to access the 2024 presale! 

If you choose not to confirm or update your info, YOUR FAN VER PROFILE WILL NOT ROLLOVER AND BE DELETED, AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ACCESS TO THE NYCC TICKET PRESALE. We're sorry for using shouty caps at you, but if this happens, you will need to create a new Fan Ver profile to buy tickets during the general onsale.

We don't want you to miss out, so make sure to update your profile via the email you received on Monday, April 8. Looking for it in your inbox?  Look for the subject line “New York Comic Con 2024 Fan Ver Rollover” or in that pesky spam folder.

Still can’t find it? Reach out to our customer service superheroes at [email protected] before the rollover deadline on May 3.

Pro-Tip: If you did not receive your email, we suggest not waiting until the last minute to reach out like Procrastination Phil. Our superheroes always save the day, but procrastination makes for a stressy messy time for everyone (including you!). Don’t be like Phil.

I’ve never been to NYCC, but want to buy tickets this year! Wut do I do? 

Well, well, well, you’ve come to the right place. You need a Fan Verification profile to buy tickets to NYCC 2024. Make yours here once Fan Ver goes live, and once your profile is approved, you’ll receive an email with your unique link to buy tickets.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t. What it does guarantee though, is that real fans are buying tickets, and not evil bots. 

NYCC 2024 tickets will go on sale soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to get an email when we announce our dates for this year. It’s worth it 😉