Fan Verification

Fan Verification will reopen after the General Onsale on June 26.

Create a Fan Ver Profile

Before we get to see you this year, there’s a big, crucial step you need to take to get tickets to NYCC 2024, and that’s creating a Fan Verification profile! Whether someone purchased tickets for you, or you want the chance at scoring yourself some tickets to the geekiest event of the year, this is what you need to do.

Fan Verification is now open. Create your profile and buy tickets today! 

What is Fan Verification?

Fan Verification helps real fans get tickets to New York Comic Con. Everyone who wants to buy tickets to NYCC must have a Fan Verification profile. Creating a Fan Ver profile ensures you get a unique link directly to your email to purchase tickets. Your Fan Ver profile also provides you with access to future Fan Ver presales and reservations for panels and exhibitor exclusives.

How to Create a Profile

How does Fan Verification work and how do I create a profile to buy tickets?

The process is super simple! Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way.

Step 1: Create your profile

By creating a Fan Verification profile, you are telling us that you want to buy NYCC tickets (I mean, who doesn’t?) You’ll want to fill out the application accurately, so take your time and proofread to make sure there are no typos in your email address. Create a profile now.

Two Important Notes:

  • Not sure if you're purchasing NYCC tickets for kids ages 6-12? We suggest marketing that you ARE and the amount you might be purchasing for just in case. If you click NO to this step, you'll be unable to buy an adult ticket for kids at any time.
  • To be able to purchase tickets during the General Onsale, you’ll need to create your profile by Wednesday, June 19 at 11:59 PM ET. Applications will close at the time, and re-open after the General Onsale.

Step 2: Wait for your confirmation email

You’ll get an email to the email address you signed up for your Fan Ver profile letting you know we received your application and that you’re all set to buy tickets. Remember, this is now the email address you’ll be using to log into My Tickets (formerly the Fan Ver Hub) and to purchase tickets. You won’t be able to buy tickets or log in with another email so make sure you’re using the right one!

Please note: if you’re trying to sign up with multiple email addresses, it will flag it in our system and your profiles will be removed. You only need one.

Assigning Tickets

During the Fan Ver Presale and the General Onsale for NYCC, you'll be required to assign each individual ticket during checkout. You will not be able to complete your purchase until all your tickets are assigned to yourself and anyone you are buying for.

If the person you're buying for has a Fan Ver profile, great! Use that email address to assign the ticket to them. Double check that the email address you are entering is correct. If they have a profile, then they’ll be able log into their My Tickets to accept the tickets.

If they don’t have a Fan Ver profile, no worries! Assign the ticket to their email address and they can create a Fan Verification profile once applications open. Make sure they Fan Verify with the email you used to assign them a ticket! 

Managing Tickets

After you purchase or are assigned to tickets during the Presale or Onsale, you can manage your NYCC tickets directly in My Tickets! Make sure to accept the transfer of any tickets assigned to you so you can link your ticket to your Fan Ver profile.

Having issues accepting tickets in My Tickets?

It might be because you’re trying to accept a ticket for a day you already have a ticket for. Meaning if you bought yourself a Sunday ticket and friend is trying to assign you to a 4-Day ticket, you’ll receive an error because you already have a ticket for Sunday. You would need to either transfer your Sunday ticket to someone else in order to be assigned to and accept a 4-Day ticket, or decline the transfer of the 4-Day ticket.

Do your need to transfer NYCC tickets or did you transfer to the wrong email?

In My Tickets you'll see a section called My Transfers. This is where you'll find transfers you've accepted (meaning someone assigned you to a ticket and you accepted it) or transfers you've sent to your friends (you've assigned someone to a ticket, and they've accepted or declined it).

You can click EDIT or VIEW to see the details for each transfer. The transfer history will appear, and you'll be able to resend a transfer to remind a friend to accept it or cancel a transfer.

When you click TRANSFER ITEMS, you'll be brought to a page where you can add your friend's email address. You'll only do this if a friend you bought the ticket for didn't accept your transfer because they can no longer attend, and you want to give the ticket to another friend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you transfer/assign a ticket and the other person accepts it, they are now the owner of that ticket virtually. This means you no longer have the ability to transfer that ticket to anyone else. The new owner would have to transfer it in My Tickets if that’s needed.  The physical ticket will still ship to the mailing address on your order or will be listed under your name/email at Will Call.

How do I know if my transfer went through?

You'll get an email from ShowClix.

Make sure to assemble your Avengers and stay on top of any transfers so that your friends are accepting or declining them as necessary.

Accepting Tickets

If a friend was able to buy tickets for you and assign them to your email during the presale or onsale, this is for you!

If you have a Fan Verification profile, you’ll receive an email telling you that someone transferred tickets to you. Click the ‘View Transfer’ link in your email to login to My Tickets hub and accept the ticket(s).

If you don’t have a profile with us, you’ll need to create one first before accepting the ticket(s). You’ll receive an email telling you that someone transferred tickets to you. Once My Tickets opens, you can click the ‘View Transfer’ link in your email, and it will prompt you to create a Fan Ver profile. Fill out the application to accept your tickets. If you don't create a profile and accept the tickets assigned to you, your ticket will just sit in limbo, and you won’t have access to the NYCC 2025 Fan Ver Ticket Presale or any of the extra cool stuff we got goin’ on at NYCC.