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New York Comic Con encourages everyone to create a Fan Verification account prior to attending NYCC 2023.

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NYCC has teamed up with Lyte to create a legitimate, safe, and official ticket exchange.

McElroy Ticketed Events

The McElroys are coming to NYCC for LIVE shows of their hit podcasts, and you can be in the audience for these separately ticketed events.

Official NYCC Merch

Browse NYCC's exclusive merch, available only at the Official Show Store.

Rachel Smythe Book Signing Tickets

Rachel Smythe, author of the Lore Olympus series, will be making her first-ever New York City appearance at New York Comic Con, October 12-15! 

Spotlight on Cassandra Clare Tickets

Join NYCC on Friday, October 13 for a Spotlight on Cassandra Clare event. The ticket is the cost of the book (plus tax and a small online ordering fee), and includes a pre-signed, B&N Exclusive Edition of Sword Catcher, featuring a unique gold jacket and mini fold-out poster with character art from the world of Castellane; a Sword Catcher tote bag; and a photo-op with the author.