CLE: Representing Clients in Comic Book Publishing

New York Comic Con, in association with Thomas A. Crowell, Esq., and the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education present

In the past few years, the comic book industry and its ancillary markets has continued to flourish, bolstered in part by new trends in digital publishing and derivative market licensing. Why not learn the fundamentals of this growing practice area? This CLE provides attendees a chance to learn from legal practitioners and former comic book publishing executives.

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The past year has been a time of tremendous change in the comic book industry, most prominently the impact of A.I.-generated artwork on the livelihoods and IP portfolios of the comic-book industry. We’ve had new guidance on fair use from the US Supreme Court, major upheavals at legacy publishers, and an increased emphasis on the diverse voices of creators.

The comic book industry has long been at the vanguard of emergent issues in entertainment and IP law; why not learn the fundamentals of this growing practice area with us? Our CLE provides attendees a chance to learn from legal practitioners and former comic book publishing executives.

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This seminar has been approved for 3.5 CLE credits in areas of professional practice for NY.

This revolutionary course dives deep into the comic book industry, unveiling the past year of explosive growth and seismic legal changes. We’ll give you a understanding of the pros and cons of AI-generated artwork and suggested approaches for contract drafting to avoid critical IP-pitfalls; discuss the impact of fair use in visual arts following the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith decision; and give you a “chef’s tour” of representing the comic book client today.


This seminar has been approved for 2.5 CLE credits in areas of professional practice for NY.

Prepare to break into the comic book publishing industry in just two action-packed hours! Under the guidance of seasoned comic book publishing attorneys, you will draft a rough outline of crucial contract provisions, hone your client interview skills that are tailored for this sector, and engage in mock negotiations. You will get the chance to identify potential problems within publishing contracts and discover how to resolve them. Get ready to slip behind the wheel for a test-drive of comic book legal practice.


Thomas A. Crowell, Esq. counsels clients on a wide range of entertainment law and intellectual property rights issues, in practice areas that range from film and television to comic book publishing, music, and the graphic arts.
Thomas is the series editor of the Focal Press "Pocket Lawyer for ... " series and author of both "The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers" (Focal Press, 2ed. 2011), and the first dedicated legal guide for the comic book industry: " The Pocket Lawyer for Comic Book Creators" (Focal Press 2014). He currently teaches copyright and IP law at CUNY Law School and entertainment law for Stage 32.

Gamal Hennessy, Esq. is an entertainment transactional attorney specializing in comic book publishing and IP licensing. He began his career as the general counsel for the anime company Central Park Media before moving to Marvel Comics to become their International Publishing Manager. After Marvel, he set up Creative Contract Consulting to help independent creators and publishers protect their rights and revenue. Gamal is the author of The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing and the founder of the Comics Publishing Institute. Both projects help comic creators understand the comic book industry and develop profitable business models.

Jeff Trexler, Esq. is the Interim Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund as well as the Associate Director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School.

Jason Yarn, Esq. is a member of the Association of American Literary Agents and an attorney registered in the state of New York who represents award winning and #1 New York Times bestselling authors and illustrators of fiction and non-fiction for adults and children.

Additional speakers to be announced.