NYCC Badge Activation

Now that you have your badge, make sure you activate it prior to entering the event! Badge Activation is required for NYCC 2023.  

By activating your badge and scanning it at NYCC, you’ll unlock special content to make your experience way cooler.

  • Reserve your spot for panels, exhibitor exclusives, and signings, or in person for activations and merch. Please note: to use your reservations, your badge must be activated prior to coming into the show.
  • Stay connected with your favorite exhibitors and creators.
  • And more! 

Once you receive your physical badge(s) in the mail or from Will Call, you’ll activate it one of two ways.

If you have a FAN badge including Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 4-Day, VIP, Kids, Press, or Professional ticket, log into the My Tickets Portal using the email address you either a) ordered your NYCC tickets or b) the email address that your badge is transferred/assigned to. Important Note: if you had badges transferred and assigned to your email address, you must accept them in the My Tickets Portal BEFORE you can activate them.  

Looking for the code to activate your badge with? Turn your badge to the backside and use the 8-digit code(s) in orange on the back left of the badge(s). If you have multiple badges, you will want to activate each one.

If you have any OTHER badge type (Sidekick, Exhibitor, Artist Alley, Guest, etc), you will activate them on a direct activation page.

For Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 4-Day, VIP, Kids, Press, or Pro Ticket Holders:

For Sidekick, Exhibitor, Artist Alley, Guest, Etc. Badge Holders:

Walkthrough: How to activate your badge

To help you with activation, we’ve included a walkthrough below of what the process will look like. Follow the steps below for each badge:

Step 1: Go to and log into your account using the email address that you either purchased your badge under or were assigned a badge to.

Pro-Tip: Can’t remember the email address or need help changing your password? Use the Forgot your password? Or Need help signing in? links.

Step 2: Click on the “Manage New York Comic Con Profile” button. 

Step 3: All of the NYCC badges that are assigned to you will be displayed here. Click on the “Activate Credential” button. If you have multiple badges, you will go through this process for every badge.

Important Note: you should only be activating badges that you want assigned to you. If you have tickets in your account that belong to friends or family members, make sure you transfer the tickets to their email address and have them accept them.

Step 4: Find the 8-digit code in orange on the back left of the badge. Type that 8-digit code into the bar that says, “Credential Activation Number” and click the “Activate” button.

You will receive a confirmation email once you successfully activate the badge.  

Pro-Tip: If you didn’t receive the email, check that pesky spam folder. If you’re not sure if it’s been activated properly, there should be a number next to your badge once activated. If you still see the “Activate” button, it has not been activated.