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2022 Official T-Shirt

2022 Official Ladies T-Shirt

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2022 Official Hoodie

2022 Official Spirit Jersey

2022 Official Lanyard

2022 Official Pin

NYCC 2022 Pizza Rat T-Shirt

NYCC 2022 Halloween T-Shirt

Pie Till You Die T-Shirt

Tarot Card T-Shirt

Clothes Line T-Shirt

Abstract Skyline T-Shirt

Pennant T-Shirt

Handheld T-Shirt

NYCC 2022 Little Heros Kids T-Shirt

Con Friends Ladies T-Shirt

NYCC 2022 Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls Ladies T-Shirt

NYCC 2022 Dreaming of NYCC Ladies Crop Top

90's Long Sleeve Shirt

NYCC 2022 Flannel

NYCC 2022 Bomber Jacket

NYCC 2022 Alum Crewneck Sweatshirt RED

NYCC 2022 Minimal Crewneck Sweatshirt

NYCC x ACS T-Shirt

NYCC x Marvel Daredevil Hell's Kitchen T-Shirt

NYCC x Playbill T-Shirt

NYCC x Playbill Sticker

NYCC x Garbage Pail Kids T-Shirt

NYCC 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Poster

NYCC x CGC 10 Gem Mint T-Shirt

NYCC x CGC 9.8 Near Mint T-Shirt

NYCC x CGC .5 Poor T-Shirt

NYCC x CGC 10 Gem Mint Hat

NYCC x CGC 9.8 Near Mint Hat

NYCC x CGC .5 Poor Hat

NYCC 2022 Rat Hat

NYCC 2022 Rat Beanie

Tarot Card Pin

Metrocard Pin

Liberty Rat Pin

Tattoo Pin Set

90's 4 Pack Gaming Pin Set

90's 4 Pack Slime Pin Set

Casette Tape (with purchase of $100.00+)

Pizza Pet Staff Trader Pin

Temporary Tattoos

Sticker Sheet

Pie Till I Die Sticker

Handheld Sticker

NYCC 2022 Tarot Card Sticker

12 Piece Tarot Postcard Set

NYCC 2022 Deck of Playing Cards - Tarot Artwork

Have a Nice Con Tote

Borough Socks

NYCC 2022 Pouch

NYCC 2022 Tarot BookBeau

NYCC 2022 Shoe Charms

NYCC 2022 Tarot Magnet

NYCC 2022 Bug Logo Keychain

NYCC 2022 Villain Hand Fan

NYCC 2022 Pizza Rat Skateboard

NYCC 2022 Pennant Patch

NYCC 2022 Pennant

NYCC Rat Mask

NYCC Rat Tervis

NYCC 2022 Abstract Skyline Pint

NYCC Campfire Mug

NYCC 2022 Bug Logo Shot Glass

Geeki Tiki Storm Trooper

Geeki Tiki Power Ranger Set

Harley Quinn #1 Dan Mora Color Variant

Harley Quinn #1 Dan Mora B&W Variant

Harley Quinn #1 Blank Variant

Uncanny X-Men John Tyler Christopher Negative Space Variant

Superman Son of Kal El #1 Jock Variant

Wolverine #23 Salvador Larocca Variant

Dungeons & Dragons Hoodie

Dungeons & Dragons Ringer T-Shirt

Her Universe Star Wars Colorblock Hoodie

Her Universe Star Wars Colorblock Shorts

Her Universe Star Wars Tie Dye Fashion Top

Our Universe Mandalorian Slub Tee

Our Universe Marvel Pullover

Our Universe Thor and Loki Hoodie

Her Universe Doctor Strange Hoodie

Our Universe Black Panther Tee

Her Universe NBC Button Up Top

Her Universe Peter Pan Dress

Our Universe Doctor Who Longsleeve

NYCC x Grishaverse Ketterdam T-Shirt

Grishaverse Logo T-Shirt

Grishaverse Drüskelle T-Shirt

Grishaverse Drusje T-Shirt

Grishaverse Corpse Witch T-Shirt

Grishaverse Poster

Grishaverse Corporalki Tote

Grishaverse Etherialki Tote

Grishaverse Materialki Tote

Grishaverse NMNF Collar Pin Set

Grishaverse NMNF 2 Pin Set