NYCC Lotteries are now NYCC Reservations

NYCC reservations will reopen in 2023. The below information will be updated for 2023 closer to the show.

IMPORTANT: You NEED your My Tickets email address and password before you can make your Reservations. The My Tickets Hub will shut down at 12:00 PM ET on Thursday, September 29. If you do not have your email address and password prior to Reservations launching, you WILL NOT be able to reset your password once Reservations go live. Use the button below to ensure you can login to your account or to reset your password.

Gimme the quick overview:

  • Anyone with valid fan badges to NYCC will be able to make their reservations for the days they're attending. (Same restrictions still apply for Press and Pro.)
  • Reservations are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • You can reserve a select amount of panels per day between the Main Stage and Empire Stage, 1 exhibitor exclusive shopping opportunity (VIP Badge holders will receive 2) per weekend and 1 of each type of signing opportunity per day. 
  • You cannot select two panels with conflicting start or end times.
  • We will be adding 100% of the seats in the Main Stage and Empire Stage in this reservation system. If you don't secure your reservation, there will be very limited standby line onsite, but seating is not guaranteed.
  • Panels that have reached their allotment will disappear from the selections page. If a panel is no longer appearing, it means it has reached reservation capacity.
  • You will be required to enter your login and password for My Tickets that is tied to your NYCC badge at the beginning of the reservation process, so make sure you are prepared beforehand by logging in here and storing your email and password in a safe place so you know it for later.
  • You must activate your badge prior to arriving on-site. If your badge is not activated, your reservation info will not appear when you try to check-in for your reservation and you will not be admitted.
  • Reservations are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It bears repeating because this is a big change from how we’ve done it previously!

I'm a visual learner. Have a walkthrough?

We got you. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of the NYCC Reservation system so you can prepare and know what to expect.


If you are not Fan Verified yet, but have a NYCC badge tied to your email address then you will want to make sure you use that login and password to make reservations. We HIGHLY recommend you also use that email address to Fan Verify.

No, each person needs to enter individually with their email address so make sure to sync up with your friends so you can reserve the things you want to do together.


Children under 12 will be permitted to enter with a parent. Seating may not be available and is first-come, first-served.

For exhibitor exclusives, please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start time. For panels in the Main Stage, please arrive to the Queue Hall in 1C (Level 1, Hall C) 35 minutes prior to the panel start time. For panels in the Empire Stage, please head up to Level 5 35 minutes prior to the panel start time.


Make sure you’re only adding in the Reservations you want. Once you’ve completed the Reservations process, you will not be able to remove anything you have selected.

We will have limited private autographing sessions this year! These autographs are free and you do not need to bring anything to be signed as posters and/or photos will be supplied.

Not at this time. Everyone needs to make their own reservations separately. 

Yupp! The schedule is coming at you soon.

Nope, but you do need to have your badge purchased and assigned to your email address to make reservations. This lets us know that you have a valid NYCC badge and what days you're attending! Just make sure to activate your badge prior to entering NYCC so your reservations link to your physical badge.

No, but we'll keep in mind to add as a future benefit!

Yes! The Photo Op and Autograph schedule will be live so you can plan your NYCC reservations wisely!

Heck yeah they will be!

Nope! If you purchased tickets for a separately ticketed panel, you do not need to make a reservation

Yes, the only reservations you do not need to make are for Main Stage and Empire Stage panels.

No. Panels that overlap cannot be reserved and you must be in line 35 minutes in advance to guarantee your reservation.

If you have a Press or Professional Badge, you can only reserve your spot for Panel reservations. Exhibitor Exclusives and private Autographing are reserved for NYCC fans buying badges.