A Beginner’s Guide to NYCC

New York Comic Con (NYCC) is the biggest comic and pop culture event on the East Coast. From meeting celebrities to surprise appearances, to comic creators from every corner of the globe to the top anime, cosplay, and gaming stars … it’s always one hell of a 4-day weekend.

If you’re new here, welcome to the nerd herd, my friend. NYCC is a non-stop geeky party and I’m here to tell you a bit about what you need to do (and what’s cool to do) at the show. Allow me to begin with the important bits:

NYCC Tickets: How do I get one (or several)?

NYCC tickets will be available and can be purchased here. If a ticket that you’re looking for is sold out, we gotchu. We’ve teamed up with Lyte to create a legitimate, safe, and official ticket exchange for sold out ticket types.

Fan Verification: What is it and do I need it?

The short answer: it’s a program that allows you to take part in all the cool things happening at NYCC and yes, it is required to participate in these neat-o things. 

The long answer: Fan Verification is an account that is specific to NYCC that gives you access to NYCC to next year’s ticket presale and other cool perks. Think of it is a loyalty program that you can sign up for at your favorite store – free and full of perks that only our Fan Ver family can partake in. 

Do I need to do this and what happens if I’m picking up my ticket from Will Call?

Badge activation is required for all NYCC ticket holders. This ties that beautiful physical badge to your email address, so you have your reservations and information in one place. If you are participating in reservations: before you enter your panel or buy that exhibitor exclusive, the QR code on the back of your badge will be scanned. If your badge is not activated, it will be unscannable which means you will not be able to get into your panel seat, Autograph signing, or exhibitor exclusive line. (Trust us, it’s much easier to activate your badge at home, instead of at the front of a long line of fans!)

Picking up from Will Call? No worries! You can activate your badge once you pick it up. You’ll just want to activate that beautiful badge before you enter the show for the day.

TL; DR: Badge activation is required, so do it.

Assign/Accept Tickets: I bought my NYCC tickets, now what do I do?

You bought your NYCC tickets for you and your friends – hell yeah! Now, there’s one more step you need to do – assign and accept the tickets. Each ticket must be assigned to the person who’s entering NYCC with it. Important note: if you and your friends/family are entering panel, exhibitor, and autograph signing reservations, you must complete this step before you can sign up for reservations.

Not sure if you assigned or accepted tickets? You can sign into the My Tickets hub where you will see if your tickets have been assigned, accepted, and/or transferred.

Pro Tip: If you, your friend, or your family member have a Fan Verification account, assign the tickets to that email address!

Reservations: What are they and how do I get them?

Reservations are exactly that – a way to RSVP or save your seat or place in line in a panel, autograph signing, or exhibitor exclusive. We want you to be able to choose who you want to see and what exclusives you want to purchase based on your schedule and days attending the show. 

How does it work? You’ll only be able to make Reservations on the days of the show that you have tickets. If you only have a Thursday ticket, you’ll have the option to reserve for panels and exclusives happening on Thursday. If you have a 4-Day ticket, you can make reservations for all 4 days, so on and so forth. Important note: your reservation is good for you and only you. Every person in your party* must make their own reservations.

Children under 12 will be permitted to enter with a parent. Seating may not be available and is first-come, first-served.

Those were the important bits, now onto the other ways you can enhance your experience and geek out at NYCC!

Meeting Celebs: Photo Ops and Autographs

There is no other high quite like meeting your heroes and the celebrities who have inspired you. At NYCC, you can do just that! You can stand side-by-side with celebrities from Moon Knight, Dune, The Mummy, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Shadow and Bone, and so much more in a professional Photo Opportunity (Photo Op) that you get to keep forever!

If Photo Ops aren’t your style (or you want to get that beautifully printed photo signed), you can also purchase Autographs with your heroes. They can sign your Photo Op, an 8x10 headshot at their table, or fandom items you bring from home or buy at the show. Buy an Autograph, chat with your celebs while they sign your items, and have a memory to last a lifetime.

Panels: See the schedule

One of the most exhilarating things at NYCC are the panels. Have you ever been in a room with people who love the same fandom as you who are cheering, clapping, and hollering for the celebrities on stage or the cosplayers who are strutting their stuff? There’s no feeling like it! In panels you can find out news about movies, tv shows, anime, and studio content; watch an in-person Q&A with your favorite celebs, creators, or voice actors; or see people just like you who are hosting panels to talk about the things we all love to geek out about.

Reminder: Main Stage and Empire Stage require panel reservations to secure your seat. Learn more about reservations and see a step-by-step guide to make sure your ticket is set up for reservations below.

Comic Creators: Artist Alley is the place to be

Walking through Artist Alley is like swimming through a sea of beautiful art and creations. Everywhere you look there's a new creator who has put their heart and soul into their work to share it with you. Find something from every fandom, find something that is incredibly unique and exclusive to the creator, or get yourself a commission piece that nobody else has.

Artist Alley is presented by comixology

Official Merch: Shop the Show Store

If you’re looking for some of the sweetest (and exclusive) merch around, then you’ll want to stop at the Official Show Store at NYCC! From pins to lanyards, short sleeved to long sleeved shirts, and *Funko POPs! and hoodies, it’s the place to get your NYCC on like Donkey Kong.

*Funko POPs are available to purchase by reservation only. Click here if you scrolled too quickly and missed the reservation section (yes, I’m giving you the side eye)

Exhibitors: Who’s at the show?

From small businesses to Marvel, Bandai Namco, VIZ Media, and more, you’ll find your new favorites and see some oldies but goodies on the Show Floor. The Show Floor at NYCC is very large, make sure you take the time to explore every nook and cranny, because you never know what you’ll find! You’ll also find Activations throughout the show, and on the Inner Roadway (which is outside). Activations are curated and hand-built experiences from the biggest brands at the show. Each one is unique, and you won’t find them anywhere else.Trust us, you’ll be making your friends who skipped out on NYCC jealous with the photos, videos, and comic con purchases you’ll be coming home with.

Show Features: What’s happening?

What is a Show Feature? It’s your own mini con inside a Comic Con that’s dedicated to a specific fandom or hobby. Obsessed with art and comics? Check out Artist Alley. Cosplay your jam? Cosplay Central is your place to be. Bringing the whole family? Family HQ is chock-full of activities for kids and adults alike. Gaming more your speed? Tabletop RPG, video games, PC gaming, tournaments and more find their home in the Gaming Zone. Anime, manga, and Asian culture play a big part in your life? Pop Asia is the place for you, Otaku. There are so many places to be and fandoms to see at NYCC.