NYCC Reservations Walkthrough

NYCC reservations will reopen in 2023. The below information will be updated for 2023 closer to the show.

Here’s What You Need to Do Before Reservations Launch:

IMPORTANT: You NEED your My Tickets email address and password before you can make your Reservations. The My Tickets Hub will shut down at 12:00 PM ET on Thursday, September 29. If you do not have your email address and password prior to Reservations launching, you WILL NOT be able to reset your password once Reservations go live. Use the button below to ensure you can login to your account or to reset your password.

Here’s How To Make Your Reservations on Sept 29:

Step 1: Go to where you will be brought to a queue until it is your turn to make Reservations.

Step 2: After getting through the queue, you will be brought to a login page to enter your My Tickets login. This will be the email address and password that you used to access or accept your NYCC badges.

Important Note: If you do not have your email address and password at time of Reservations launching at 1:00 PM ET on September 29, you will not be able to reset your password until My Tickets opens back up later that day. Sign into your My Tickets account now or reset your password by clicking here and store your email and password in a safe place so you know it for later.

Step 3: Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will see the panels, exhibitor exclusives, and private signings ONLY for the days you have valid badges. If you have badges under multiple different email addresses, you will need to go through this process and login separately for each one. We recommend assigning and accepting all of your badges under one email address.

Please note: If you have a VIP badge, you will not see any panels to reserve when you login as Empire Stage and Main Stage panels are included with your badge type. 

Step 4: Click the “+” box next to each Registration Option on the right to see a drop down of what you can Reserve. Add your Reservations to your cart by clicking the drop down on the left-side of your selection, and select “1”. Once you have added all of your Reservations to your cart, click the black “Register” button. You will only have 20 minutes to make your Reservations and complete your check out. Take your time and make sure you’re only adding in the Reservations you want. Once you’ve completed the Reservations process, you will not be able to remove anything you have selected.

Important Notes:

If you are trying to select more Reservations than your badge type allows, you will see this red error message at the top of your screen. Go through your cart (click the “+” next to panels, exclusives, or private autograph signings to see your selections) and remove some.

If you choose any Reservations that have a time conflict, you will see this red error message at the top of your page. Any Reservations that overlap from start to end time will prevent you from being able to check out.

Step 5: It’s time to review your selections. If everything looks good, click “Check Out”. If you need to edit your selections, click “Cancel Reservations”. This will bring you back to the login screen. NOTE: if you cancel your reservations and go back to the login screen you could lose any reservations you had that are already sold out. Be really diligent about making sure you've selected what you want on the right days.

Step 6: Enter your check out information using the same email address you logged in with. Once filled out, click “Complete Your Order”.

CONGRATS! You’ve made your Reservations for NYCC 2022. If you’ve successfully completed your Reservations, you’ll see all of your Reservations on your confirmation page (as well as receive an email from ShowClix).

If you have not made the max amount of Reservations available to your badge type, you can go back through the process again to add more Reservations, but you cannot remove any selections you already have. You will see “Sold Out” next to any Reservations you have already made.

When You Arrive for Your Reservations at NYCC:

When you arrive for your private autograph signing, panel, or exhibitor exclusive reservations, you can either tap your activated badge OR you can scan your unique QR code you received to your email address (digital or printed).

Do not share your QR code with anyone else. Once your QR code is scanned, it cannot be used again!